94 Celcius Coffee - Espresso - Dark Chocolate, Almond, Brown Sugar

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Covalent Mixture (Espresso) - Dark chocolate x Almond x Brown sugar. 

Roasted in Montréal

Sublime with its sweet-chocolate profile and unparalleled smoothness, this blend designed for espressos and lattes suddenly evokes the gourmet side of fudge. To enjoy without moderation!

  • 30% Peru
    • Region: Chota
    • Variety: Caturra, Typica
    • Farm: El Cipres
    • Altitude: 2050m
    • Producers: Mario Jesus

  • 70% Brazil
    • Region: Alta Mogiana
    • Variety: Yellow Bourbon
    • Farm: Eldorado
    • Altitude: 1120m
    • Producers: Laerce França Faleiros