Zing boom seasoning salt

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Boom Seasoning Salt is one of our most anticipated releases, and we're so proud to share it with you! Boom is an ode to Gun Powder, a toasted lentil and chili spice blend ("podi") popular in South India. With Boom, we started recipe development with an old family recipe for Gun Powder (it's the name of a regional spice blend, not actual gun powder), and ended up creating a savoury, nutty, and spicy pantry shortcut featuring a blend of smoky chilis like Chipotle, warm spices, and toasted coconut. Try it with: Roast veggies (it's great with squash or pumpkin!), as a dry rub, sautéed shrimp, with potatoes, to season popcorn, in rice, and more! Pro tip: level-up your next brown butter sauce with Boom.


  • Made in: Canada

  • Shelf life: 6–12 months

  • Storage: Shelf-stable

  • Weight: 60 g


Lentils, Salt, Dried chili peppers, Spices, Desiccated coconut, Garlic powder, Citric acid (naturally sourced)
Contains: Coconut