Chile dolce hot sauce

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Habanero Pear: Enjoy the flavors of habanero without the overwhelming heat notes of smoky habanero and comforting poached pear. 

This sizzling sweet mild habanero sauce has a perfect amount of heat with just a kiss of sugar and spice from the special addition of poached pears. 

Gorgeous orange habanero peppers and succulent poached pears are paired with natural vinegar and sea salt to create a simple yet powerful habanero sauce that’s versatile enough to be used everyday. 

Chile Dulce’s Habanero Pear Unique Hot Sauce is fabulous when paired with hard and soft cheeses, Huevos Rancheros, corn beef hash w/ sunny side up eggs, soups, dumplings, and more.


Aji Amarillo Pineapple Hot Sauce: Enjoy the flavors of tropical heat created by Peruvian peppers with spicy cardamom and balanced with zesty pineapple. 

Ten simple ingredients tango together to create a bright and brilliant aji amarillo pineapple hot saucewith a perfect pop of tropical sweet heat. 

Sunny Peruvian aji peppers, warm cinnamon, and exotic cardamom are expertly blended with a fruity flare of juicy pineapple to create the velvety smooth aji amarillo sauce

Chile Dulce’s Aji Amarillo Pineapple Hot Sauce could dance the night away in a piping hot bowl of Matzo ball pozole, atop corned beef empanadas, fish tacos, empanadas, beef, chicken, and lox and latke more!